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Aerial Hammock/Yoga 

Aerial Hammock/Yoga is a suspended hammock that supports your body weight while you move through your yoga poses, sun salutations and cardio conditioning.
Aerial Hammock has many health benefits including joint mobility, cardio conditioning and stretch and flexibility. 
The inversions you will perform provide your body lymphatic drainage and on return from your inversion a rush of new oxygen throughout your body revitalising and refreshing your whole body.
At this class you will have a hammock to yourself for the whole session and we include a relax meditation part of the session ensuring you leave the class in a refreshed, relaxed and positive way. 
Classes are Wednesday
Class price £10 - Drop Ins - £12.50
These classes are not suitable for people with certain medical conditions including pregnancy, have heart disease, glaucoma, very high/low blood pressure, if you have had recent surgery or Botox (in the last 72hrs)
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