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Here is a list of questions we get asked the most....

If you don't find the answer to your questions don't hesitate to give us a call. 

We will be more than happy to answer your questions.


What should I wear to class? 

We want you to be comfortable, so come along in whatever you feel good in, we recommend gym wear so leggings and a T-shirt or top is good.

For Pole Classes - We do wear shorts (after a few classes) but if your already good with that shorts and a top is fine. if your not comfortable in shorts at all there are some great alternatives and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

For Aerial Classes - leggings and a top is great, socks too if you like. 

We don't recommend shorts or crop tops as you need clothing to act as a barrier against the equipment. 

For Circus Academy - Our Uniform T-shirts and leggings or joggers. 

Will I share equipment or have my own piece?

We share equipment 2:1 so you will share with one other person. 

This is slightly higher for our kids classes as they need more breaks in between. 

We do offer private sessions if you would prefer to have your own equipment and instructor. 

What Grip Aids can I use on the pole? 

We recommend GRIP + GLOW and they offer students a discount. 

Other brands are also fine but we don't allow any pole grips that contain pine rosin or extra sticky ingredients such as Itac, Stickum or monkey hands. 

I've got a membership how can I cancel? 

You can cancel your membership by emailing Cancellations require 28days notice and cant be activated mid month, for example if your 3 weeks into your current month and would like to cancel, your cancellation wouldn't come into effect until your next payment a week later, to allow you a full 28days cancellation period. 


I cant make a class with less than 24hours notice, what happens to my credit and payment? 

We have a 24hour notice cancellation period for classes, if its less than 24hours your credit and payment is forefited. 

I cant make a class with more than 24hours notice, what happens then? 

you can remove yourself from the class and your able to use the credit on another class, there are no refunds and with PAYG credits you have 7 days from purchase to use it. 

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