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Pole Fitness


If you looking for pole classes you have came to the right place!

Do you want to learn tricks? Or experience pole fitness to tone and lose weight? Then this is the studio for you! 

Our classes are challenging and fun providing you with a whole body workout! 


We have only 2 students per pole and a maximum class size of 12!


Ensuring we give you the attention you need and are able to progress safely


We only have experienced, qualified and insured Instructors!


Each Instructor is greatly experienced in Pole and teaching. Check out our team profiles to find out there level of experience and qualification.

and efficiently. 

POLE Fabric  

What is Pole Fabric?

Aerial Silks are connected to the pole by the use of a clamp, this enables you to use the pole in a whole new dimension, it will give you a completly new experience with Aerial silks or Pole.


We have written a new syllabus that adapts existing pole moves to give them a different dimension, you will learn, spins, holds, inversions and much much more! The fabric also allows you to use them to assist pole moves like a support to the pole and you can use the silks singly.


This is a must for everyone Beginners or Advanced it doesn't matter there is a new challenge here for everyone!

Junior POLE 

These classes are perfect for boys and girls that are interested in Pole Fitness as a discipline, Pole Fitness is now a recognised sport by The Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) with the opportunity for Pole Fitness to be in the Olympics. 

Our classes consist of Pole Fitness Training including Spins, Holds, Strength and flexibility moves.  

We also train the children how to create combos and push there Pole fitness skills to new heights by incorporating choreographed routines. 

How qualified are we to teach? 

  • All of our instructors have been teaching for several years including already teaching our KIDS AERIAL SQUADS for 2 years.


  • All Instructors hold the relevant Pole qualifications with Pole People Training and Spin City Instructor Training. 

  • All Instructors have an up to date DBS check and we follow a strict Safeguarding Policy. 

Contact us to book for September term 22

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