Owner and Founder of Totally Pole Dancing in 2010 and has recently rebranded her company to Active Air Fitness, the reason for this is things have moved on from just Pole Dancing and she felt that this should be reflected in the company name.


Lisa has been pole dancing since 2005 and started it thinking it was going to be just a fun class that she could go to with a few friends, she had no idea it would become her passion and her full time job. Lisa is dedecated to her training and she feels her style is pole Flow, combos transitions and advanced pole dancing tricks, she enjoys shouldermounts and handsprings but doesnt like drops or flips.


Lisa qualified with her Pole qualification in 2009 and Active Air Fitness (formerly Totally Pole Dancing) was established in 2010.


Lisa's journey with aerials started in 2012 and she has since gone on to completing level well known Instructor certifications and qualifications with Necca, Spin City and Xpert Training.


Lisa has completed her Introduction to Aerials with the globally recognised and respected aerials and circus company NECCA for her further qualifications in aerials including Trapeze, Silks and Sling 


Lisa is a finalist in EPD Championships 2014 for Advanced Aerial Hoop catagory.


Lisa recently joined the Pole Safe Federation and is head of policy for the Commitee, the Pole Safe federation are a selected team qualified and committed to regulate the Pole Dancing & Fitness community and its studios. Find out more here -



Lisa is an Instructor at:


Caterham - Tuesday & Wednesday

Aerial Hoop

Caterham - Monday

Aerial Yoga

Caterham - Wednesday


Pole Fabric

Workshops & 121 sessions - Caterham & Carshalton


Lisa is available for Private sessions

Monday daytime at Carshalton 

Wednesday daytime at Caterham 

Some sessions at 6pm and workshops at weekends. 

Active Air Fitness

formerly known as  Totally Pole Dancing

Fitness & Aerial Arts


Active Air Fitness

Lisa Hickey



M: 07506674748



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