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Active Air Fitness

formerly known as  Totally Pole Dancing

Fitness & Aerial Arts


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Aerial Hoop/Lyra


Get in the Air with this fantastic Aerial Art!


Aerial Hoop is a fantastic and beautiful Aerial Art that right from your first class you are performing fantastic aerial tricks.


Aerial hoop is becoming more and more popular as a hobby, sport, fitness class.


Aerial Hoop brings you a new challenge and a chance to feel like you have ran away with the cirucs with this unconventional art form!


Our classes are starting at a beginner level!


There is no experience necessary to join us for an Aerial Hoop class!


At our Aerial Hoop Classes you can expect to learn a series of 'tricks' and routines.



Aerial Sling also knows as Aerial Hammock is an interesting Aerial art is is relativly new to the uk and we have been providing Aerial Sling classes for for the last 5 years! 


Sling is challenging it has many possibilities the classes incorporate rolls, flowing transitions and combinations to aerial drops.

Sling is a fantastic aerial skill and will give you a great work out! 



Aerial Silks is a beautiful aerial art and is a great challenge for all. 

The style s iconic and often the first thing people think about when considering aerials! 

We would highly recommend this class if you would ike to train hard and learn something that will continue to challenge you. The classes incorporate wraps, rolls, flowing transitions and combinations to aerial drops.

Kids Aerials


This is an introduction to aerial acrobatics in a fun and exciting way to learn from as young as 8 years old.

The children can choose to learn skills on the Aerial Hoop and Aerial Sling.

We have a carefully developed syllabus allowing safe progress with the aerial skills!

There are opportunities for the children to display their skills at local festivals and shows and studio showcases. We also encourage the children to compete at national aerial competitions which several have done over the last 3 years of our kids Aerial Classes 

Classes are prices from £7 

Instructors Lisa and Amanda are Circus Trained, DBS checked and are fully insured. 

Suitable for children from ages 8 up.

CATERHAM - Monday 
5-6.50pm - SLING
6-6.50pm - HOOP 
7-7.50 - SLING (Beginners)
Wednesday - 
6-6.55pm POLE FITNESS (£8 a class)
CARSHALTON - Wednesday
5-6.50pm - SLING 
6-6.50pm - HOOP

Our classes run with the school term, please email us to check Kids Aerials availability.